Welcome to Higashikawa

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Beautiful town and delicious food

Although Higashikawa is located only 13 km from Asahikawa, and 7 km from Asahikawa Airport, it is a world of its own.
Higashikawa, with a population of about 8,000, is a place of beautiful nature, vast agricultural land, wood craftsmen's ateliers and galleries, cafés and bakeries.

  • Culinary Art and Locally Made Products

    Higashikawa sells a variety of delicious locally grown agricultural products, each shop specializing in different products.
    Higashikawa is also well-known for its sweets and other locally made products, Come and discover great dining places yourself!

  • Galleries and Art

    There are many photographers, potters, craftsmen, and other artists in Higashikawa, as well as beautiful nature and relaxing environment.
    Each artist's gallery displays a variety of original products and If you find something you like, you can also buy it on the spot.

  • Lodging

    Being at the foot of Daisetsuzan National Park, Higashikawa has two famous hot spring resorts - Asahidake Hot Springs and Tenninkyo Hot Springs. This is a mountainous region with alpine flowers, sweet-scented herbs, and autumn's blazing leaves, as well as cross-country resorts and ski slopes in winter, Deep in the Tenninkyo Hot Springs sits the Hagoromo Waterfall, with a height of 270 meters, and you can enjoy that while staying in one of the many hotels and having a delicious meal.
    There are also many guest-houses, hotels, and cottages around the town, which are very convenient if you want to take a look at all the galleries in the town.

  • Outdoor Activities and Sports

    There are various outdoor activities and sports in Higashikawa you can enjoy. Golf and park golf courses are reasonably priced, and there are various other outdoor activities in the town including the Kitoshi Forest Park and Asahidake Youth Campground. In winter you can enjoy skiing slopes in the Canmore Ski Village and Asahidake Ski Resort, having some of the best powder snow in the world.

  • Festivals and Events

    Each year Higashikawa is hosting the Higashikawa International Photo Festival (commonly known as Photo Festa) and National High School Photo Competition (commonly known as Shashin Koshien). There are also many events all year round where you can enjoy delicious food.

  • Flowers and Autumn Leaves

    Higashikawa is a place you can enjoy Asahidake alpine flowers, fresh green vegetation, and beautiful red and yellow autumn leaves from Asahidake to Tenninkyo.
    Violet and cherry blooming in the Kitoshi Forest Park will be the messenger of spring in Higashikawa.

  • Welcome to Higashikawa