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About the Town

Higashikawa, the Town of Photography, in the middle of Hokkaido.
The people of Higashikawa are blessed with underground water provided by the water that flows down from Mount Daisetsu, and Higashikawa is the only town in Hokkaido which does not rely on a public water supply system.
Situated at the foot of Daisetsu Mountain range’s highest peak, Asahidake, Higashikawa is blessed with grand landscapes, abundant water, and fertile land.
When nature meets people, people meet culture, and people meet each other, an emotional story unfolds, and we believe that one can find that here, in Higashikawa.

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  • To Capture That Special Moment

    Memorial Marriage Certificate

    In October 3, 2005 Higashikawa started to issue a new marriage certificate (memorial marriage certificate) to capture that special moment in people’s lives.

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  • To Remember That Special Moment

    Memorial Birth Certificate

    In November 2005 Higashikawa began issuing memorial birth certificates as a reminder that special moment of the birth of a child.

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  • 米缶ほしのゆめ

    Canned rice “Hoshi no Yume”

    Canned rice is a unique Higashikawa product and a popular souvenir.

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  • Welcome to Higashikawa