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Town Rich With Water

Higashikawa, the town without a public water supply system

Higashikawa town is located in central Hokkaido at the foot of Daisetsuzan National Park with a population of about 8,000. It is an unusual town for Japan and the only town in Hokkaido which does not rely on a public water supply system.

This is because the people of Higashikawa are blessed with underground water provided by the water that flows down from Mount Daisetsu.

The pure water from Mt. Daisetsu is used as drinking water, and also supports rice fields, production of vegetables and other products, such as tofu and miso, giving them an exceptional taste. It also plays a major role in local restaurant flavors and various other industrial activities in the town.

Water from the melting snow of the Daisetsu Mountain range’s highest peak, Asahidake

Daisetsu Asahidake Spring Water is well known for its high quality, and has become Higashikawa’s signature water. It is well balanced with minerals and the water temperature is a constant 6-7°C throughout the year. 4,600 L of spring water flow out every minute.
The spring water can be accessed by a 300 meter long boardwalk which leads to the spring itself or through the parking lot where water is brought from the spring. Over the years the melting snow of the Daisetsu Mountain range’s highest peak, Asahidake, has been naturally filtered, and this is the first place we can sample it.

List of ingredients

Item Amount
Hardness 92.1
Calcium 21.8mg/L
Magnesium 9.2mg/L
Sodium 13.9mg/L
Potassium 3.9mg/L
Sulfate (silicate ions) 42.0mg/L
pH 7.4 (weak alkaline)
Average water temperature 7.3°C
Water discharge 4,600 L/min

※ Although water quality is monitored, the town cannot be responsible for naturally occuring changes, and asks visitors to be aware of this.
※ Examination date: 01.02.2011.

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