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Overview of the Town

A beautiful life on a beautiful land

The Town of Higashikawa is located in central Hokkaido and is a part of Japan's largest national park – Daisetsuzan National Park with Higashikawa's eastern part containing a large-scale forest.

The tallest mountain in Hokkaido, Mount Asahi (2,291 m) is situated in Higashikawa.
Plenty of forest and grand landscapes make this a fabulous tourist destination.
Daisetsuzan National Park was designated as a national park on December 4, 1934. The area is 2,267.64 km2 of which 102.55 km2 belongs to Higashikawa.


The only town in Hokkaido which does not rely on a public water supply system

The melting snow of the Daisetsu Mountain range’s highest peak, Asahidake

The people of Higashikawa live on underground water (only in Hokkaido). This is because the people of Higashikawa are blessed with underground water provided by the water that flows down from the Daisetsu Mountain range’s highest peak, Asahidake.

Town Rich With Water

Data on Higashikawa

  • Population


    (March 31, 2014)

  • Households


    (March 31, 2014)

  • Area


    (East-West 36.1km/ North-South 8.2km)

  • Location

    Long. 142° 54' - 142° 28'E
    Lat.43° 36' - 43° 45'N

Town Crest

Inaugurated in July, 1934.
The town’s crest is a star reflecting both The Big Dipper and Hokkaido. The star contains a turtle in the center, which represents the East. The dot within the turtle represents the central location of Higashikawa in Hokkaido and Mount Asahi. The surrounding three circular lines represent a river. Higashikawa is a town located in central Hokkaido with the highest mountain, Mount Asahi, and is blessed with rivers. These elements symbolize the town and it’s bright future.

  • Town flower

    Ezo murasaki tsutsuji (azalea)

    They grow only in Hokkaido, Japan. These purple flowers start to bloom in early May, telling us of the coming of spring.

  • Town Tree


    Zelkovas flourish in Higashikawa's moist soil, mainly along the streams. Zelkovas are called “Drawing Water Trees” since young leaves look like spring water. The tree has become a symbol of Higashikawa since it is rich in water.

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  • Cultural Exchange

    Yeongwol County, Republic of Korea

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