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“Your Chair” – a chair for a new born baby

This is where you belong

The “Your Chair” project started with a desire to celebrate the birth of a child together with the local community, expressed in an Asahikawa University graduate seminar.
Since the project started in 2006 in Higashikawa, each child born in Higashikawa has been given a hand-made chair, showing that “this is where they belong”. We hope that this chair will serve as a symbol of children growing up in a warm and protective environment.
Each year the selected chair design is made in one of Higashikawa’s workshops.

Application and delivery

1. Eligibility:
Children born in Higashikawa
※ Children who are registered as residents of Higashikawa and continue to be Higashikawa residents.
2. Application:
Fill out the “Your Chair” application form and submit it together with the birth certificate.
3. Chair delivery:
About 100 days after birth (name and birth date engraved).
4. Contacts:
Higashikawa Pre-school, Child Future Division
Phone: 0166-82-3400

“Your Chair” designers and artists

Year Designer Artist
2006 Yoshifumi Nakamura (Tokyo) Takeshi Daimon
2007 Chiori Ito (Sapporo) Shizuo Miyaji
2008 Hideki Maekawa (Tsuchiura, Ibaraki Prefecture) Akira Mukaibo
2009 Makoto Koizumi (Tokyo) Takeshi Daimon
Kazuma Daimon
2010 Ryuji Mitani (Matsumoto) Yuji Hattori
2011 Shinro Otake (Uwajima, Ehime Prefecture) Shizuo Miyaji
2012 Susumu Idemitsu (Karuizawa, Nagano Prefecture) Yuji Hattori
2013 Yoshihito Kasahara (Tokyo) Akira Mukaibo
Yoshihiko Kuwahara
2014 Ichiro Shin (Nagano Prefecture) Satoshi Kikuchi
Yoshihiko Kuwahara

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